Tyler Unger is a Communication Designer who thinks talking in third person about himself is stupid and impersonal. Some of my works include branding the 50 block expanse that is the new District Detroit, conceptualizing an autonomous vehicle inclusive mobility system for Northern California, and helping the children of Eugene, OR find something to shout about. My breakfast typically consists of three eggs, two sausages, and drip coffee. In my spare time after graduation I’ve looked back on what it really meant to be an art student, methodically kept track of every waking hour of the day and explored how lighting advancements have distorted our behavioral patterns. I like books a whole lot and have made a few including Phallacy, a cultural exploration of habitative penis doodling. Some day I listen to black metal on the way to work, some day pop music. Being comfortable in my own skin and taking care of my mental health is an important value of mine and I truly wish others would take comfort in themselves, a message you’ll similarly find in my typeface Cherub.