826 shout!

Identity, Product, Environment, Motion, UI/UX

tyler unger graphic design 826 motion brand identity


826 National is a nonprofit dedicated to helping students, ages 6-18, with expository and creative writing. Located in Eugene, OR 826 shout! continues 826 National's mission of creative self expression by providing a child friendly protest store, giving every child the means to express themselves and have something to shout about. It's design is derived from Eugene’s vocally progressive culture and uses imagery inspired by a protesters toolset (paint, brushes, wheatpaste, iconography). Assets developed are made to exist in application from small to large, across business cards and storefronts alike. Additionally several products were produced for the store including, lozenges, child-friendly paints, and a stencil kit, among others.

What I Made:

Business cards, Letterheads and Envelopes, Products, Environmental mockups, Apparel, Website, Motion assets.

tyler unger graphic design 826 motion brand identity tyler unger graphic design 826 buisness cards brand idenity tyler unger graphic design 826 letterhead brand identity tyler unger graphic design 826 website ux ui brand identity

What I Learned:

This was an important learning experience in understanding how to create a visual system of aligned elements that encompass the identity. Something that can be paired down to a single mark and expand to many interconnected pieces. Similarly it became important to keep the brand child-friendly and in line with 826 Nationals beliefs, something that served as a great creative framework to work within.