Delphi Mobility System

UI/UX, Identity, Environment, Motion


Under the direction of Delphi’s creative team, I worked as a team of 3 to create a user experience for the interior of a shared autonomous vehicle. We developed a mobility for the Northern California mega region as a focus for research and final deliverables. Through this research, we found inspiration from the Silicon Valley and the tech-savvy, entrepreneurial workforce within the area. The area is also extremely congested due to lack of space and record population growth. Further ideation finally led to Spark – a system that provides a seamless platform for people to connect, collaborate and work together. The system generates creative exercises for different professions, connecting creatives with others who can help their ideas grow on their morning commute to work. While the experience is tailored for autonomous vehicles, spark extends to everyone no matter how they choose to get around.

What I Made:

Research and ideation, User experience of Spark application, Interfaces for phone and tabletop, Presentation storytelling.

What I Learned:

How to tailor specific user experiences to meet the needs of a large population. Expressing that user experience across a range of interfaces that allows access while walking, working, biking, or riding.


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